Some people are wrong on the internet.

Jonah Goldberg said:

Via Instapundit, Dave Foulk says it’s 86,759 tons — in one dollar bills. That’s more than an Iowa class battleship. In pennies, that’d be 216,898 tons, which by my rudimentary math is what scientists call, “even heavier.”

Update: For the record, I went with the weight of a penny at 2.5 grams. What I idiotically didn’t do was multiply by 100. Anyway, I got this from a reader:

OK, first Foulk is off by a factor of 10, it should be 866,740 tons (787 billion one dollar bills each weighing 1 gram divided by 454 grams per pound divided by 2000 pounds per ton).  Next you say the weight in pennys would only be 2.5 times the weight in dollar bills (86,759 tons versus 216,898 tons).  A penny weighs 3.1 grams versus a 1 gram dollar bill (close to 2.5 ratio) but of course there are 100 pennys per dollar, so weight in pennys would be about 268,000,000 tons.

That was a lot of wrong.

Some people were wrong on the internet.


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